On 02/04/2015 16:28, c.whalley wrote:
> I've got pretty much the example from:
> http://wiki4.caucho.com/Resin_4_Java_EE_Basic_Servlet,_Comet,_and_WebSocket_Tutorial#Hello.2C_World_WebSocket_in_Resin
I've just proven this is caused by the mod_caucho config by tweaking the 
setup so it uses port 8080 throughout, i.e. with the same deployed app 
but "pure" resin we're good to go.
I've seen there is an apache mod_proxy_wstunnel which can upgrade the 
incoming connection to a websocket connection but so far still haven't 
been able to get this going, in any case why is this needed? I thought 
all incoming traffic on port 80 was forwarded to 8080 once a virtual 
server had the appropriate entries to do so for the servets etc in its 

> This runs fine in my local env with resin on 8080 and Apache on 80
> (Win), same config on a Fedora 21 QA server but when deployed to
> production, which uses mod_caucho, I see

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