we are switching from Resin 3.1 to Resin 4.0 and we have some doubts:

- we wanna activate Jar Versioning on Resin 4.0 (on Resin 3.1 we did not
activate it). We are testing this feature, but we are not understanding
when the old version is undeployed. We wanna understand more deeply
versions lifecycle cause we have more than an application in every
container (about 30 applications per container) and we are worried about
memory usage peaks;
- built-in functions (e.g. upload posting acceptor) on Resin 4.0 are fully
backward compatible?
- using Java 6 and Resin 3.1, sometimes we get the "Code too large" problem
with jsp file compilation and we cannot understand why (file size and lines
are right, but compilation fails). With Java 8 and Resin 4.0, there is a
way to definitively avoid this issue?

Thanks and regards
                            Maria Elena

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