On 12/28/15 1:15 PM, Carl Whalley wrote:
> I'm learning Polymer and want to use Resin as its server. I find if I
> rename all *.html files to *.jsp all is well, after I add the
> pageContentType and taglib prefix xml element to the top of each page.
> I'd really like to do it the other way round though, i.e. tell resin to
> treat each *.html file as if it was a *.jsp. I added this to
> app-default.xml
>     <servlet-mapping url-pattern="*.html"
>                      servlet-name="resin-jsp"
>                      default="true"/>
> But it had no effect -it just dumps the jsp code to the browser rather
> than execute it. Whats the best way to do this please? Also, it would be
> better aimed at just one particular web-app. Thanks.

Try removing the "default". Also, you should be able to add it to the 

The "default" is for Resin to make its defaults a lower priority than 
any other definition.

-- Scott

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