Ok great, I'll get started. Thanks, Angela

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 09:04:14AM +0100, Christian Heller wrote:
> Hi Angela,
> sorry for the late reply. I am currently in the process of changing my job.
> > Does this still need to be done? I can help.
> thanks for contacting. The analysis documents to be found at:
> http://resmedicinae.sourceforge.net/analysis/index.html
> have not been touched for a long time now. Some years ago, a number
> of medical doctors and informaticians who are reading our mailing lists:
> resmedicinae-deutsch@lists.sourceforge.net
> had put together their knowledge and written this analysis document
> in German. The single contributions were mainly included into the
> document by:
> Karsten Hilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Christian Heller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> The analysis document is used by at least the "GNUmed" and "Res Medicinae"
> projects, and also included as package into Debian since 2002. I don't
> know if there are other projects drawing knowledge from the document.
> We never managed to translate the document into English, so that the
> international community could contribute. So, this would be your chance ;-)
> Don't hesitate to contact me on any further questions!
> Christian

Martha Angela Wilcox

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