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If you have the perfect match for the below requirements please forward me
their most updated resumes along with the pay rate and contact information.

*Title          :  AIX Admin / Integration Architect
Location    : Phoenix,AZ.
Length      : 9 Months
The objective of this project is to migrate and convert the JMS hardware
platform replications from the current Bull NovaScale (GCOS, PACBASE, IDSII)
environment to an IBM AIX (PACBASE, DB2) environment.
The vendor will provide a range of integration and consulting expertise
along with the following specific services deliverables in support of MCSO.
At a minimum, these will include:

1. Recommend new hardware (Manufacturer, model, part numbers, cost,
quantity) complete bill of materials
2. Recommend centralized/distributed computing model (hardware) and
justification or other alternatives considered
3. Recommend AIX system configuration and sizing to support the MCSO
business needs
4. Recommend hardware system support (by position, type, level)
5. Define Improvements to existing UNIX maintenance procedures and
6. Train MCSO staff on new technology
7. Create statistical report structure for AIX target environment
8. Document existing environment and processes with a project management
tool, use cases, etc…)
9. Document implementation and administration methods and standards
10. Integrate IBM LDAP into the existing security infrastructure
11. Define encrypted server connection channels
12. Define other miscellaneous support and services as needed (Migration,
conversion, database design, backup and recovery, procedures to be written
to match the batch overnight runs currently on the BULL, other specialties
needed for fine tuning the OS, database or application.)
13. Recommend utilities to administer, manage operation environment (common
bug tracking, configuration management, etc)
14. Recommend storage space (O/S utility, applications, user database,
workspace, sort space, batch, reporting, Disaster Recovery, etc..)

1. New hardware recommendations, including Pilot and Production environment
(IE test, development, prod, disaster recovery, etc…)
2. Architecture schematic and diagrams including computing model,
transaction through-put, system utilities, system monitoring and other.
3. Configuration of new hardware and standards for production.
4. Documentation detailing exiting processes
5. Documentation describing implementation and administration methods
6. Documentation cataloging all secured elements including the following:
servers, queue managers, queues, channels, process definitions, TCP ports,
and IP addresses.
7. Documentation detailing new processes procedures Statistical reports 8.
Class level material & lesson plans for MCSO staff with the new technology
and best practices
The following are essential vendor qualifications in support of the above
1. Experience with system configuration, sizing and implementing IBM P
series hardware
2. Experience with creating a statistical reporting structure for an AIX
3. Experience with training in an IBM AIX environment
4. Experience with G & R products
5. Experience with user defined functions, directory services, security
controls and functions, and stored procedures.
6. Strong communication skills at the technical level.
7. Successful candidates will have a minimum of 10 years experience in an
IBM AIX system administration environment.

Thanks and Regards
G.S. Karteek
VajraSoft, LLC
Voice: 646-495-0967

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