Hope you are doing great !
I just got a requirement and If you have a good match for the requirement
then please reply me ASAP.
I would appreciate if you would send a word version of your consultant's
most updated resume and the best number to reach them during the day.

*JOB TITLE    :PHP Developer
CONTRACT  :6 Months Contract*

*Job Description:*
A web developer with experience in transaction oriented web sites.
PHP. They use PHP4; PHP5 experience is good but since they are on version 4,
that carries a little more weight. they like object oriented experience.
JavaScript. We use it extensively, both in DHTML models and with AJAX. Forms
validation is not enough. We look for object oriented and DHTML.
UNIX. they want someone who has decent experience w/ Sun/Solaris or LINUX.
Database experience. The candidate must have good database experience, with
large databases. Very good SQL knowledge is a must.
XML. Should have some experience with XML, including using parsers and PHP
functions to create XML streams.
Version Control. Candidates should have worked in shops that use version
control software.
Apache. they use Apache servers; experience with them is very desirable.
Also desirable: Ability to compile/configure Apache.
*Thanks & Regards*
Shantanu Kakati  shancatt...@gmail.com

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