Hello ,
Hope you are doing great !
I just got a requirement and If you have a good match for the
requirement then please reply me ASAP.
I would appreciate if you would send a word version of your
consultant's most updated resume and the best number to reach them
during the day.

Position  :Mainframe SME
Location : NYC
Duration : 6+ Months Contract

Job Description:
Mainframe SME who has extensive BATCH night cycle experience (night
cycle- jobs running after the trading day is over to process the days
trades - settlements, margin, customer statements etc) on a mainframe
computer. Knowledge of COBOL is important.
This candidate needs to understand how mainframe jobs are run,
schedule, and dependent on each other and should be a guru in
reconfiguring the schedule to make it more streamlined, efficient etc.
This position is not for someone who has online experience or
distributed computing experience. He/she must have Batch (the opposite
of online) experience with mainframe, night cycle experience. There
are people who are considered experts in managing a large batch
environment. Client wants someone who can plan how to manage current
“complexity” and to assist with strategy for migration of some
applications to distributed platform
700 jobs in night cycle
Dependencies of each job on each other
Impact of change to one application across all other applications
100+ electronic transmissions to other institutions
 Creative solutions to the “Cobol dilemma “

Thanks & Regards
Shantanu Kakati shancatt...@gmail.com

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