Hope you are doing well!
We at Panzer Solutions were wondering as to your current availability. We
have an open position that we thought you may be interested in.  If you are
interested and available or know someone else who is, please contact me. *

Job Title     :  C,C++ With ProC
Location     :  Atlanta, GA
Duration     :  6 month Contract *

The position requires a developer who will work on porting applications
from one operating system to another (Unix to Unix, Linux to Unix, Solaris
to Linux, etc…)  There will really not be any “new development” with these
positions.  The individuals will need to be able to make tweaks to code,
test the applications to ensure that they are functioning properly on the
brand new systems, and most of all document the “move”.  The documentation
will include information regarding the port such as- where the directories
are located, etc..  This documentation will be used by the individuals at
the company that support the specific applications and will be made in a
proprietary format (will be provided of course).  The individuals will all
work on-site at the company and will work in a team environment so
communication is important; both written and verbal.
The nature of the work is to migrate/port 39 applications from the old Data
Center to the new Next Generation Data Center (NGDC).  These applications
range in age, size, complexity, language, and technologies.  However, the
client does not need an expert on all of the required skills but rather a
team that together consists of all the skills we need.  The skills listed
below are in priority order (where the count in parenthesis is the number
of applications that use a certain skill set):

Skill sets:
C, C++, ProC, Unix, Linus, Solaris, Testing

Kevin Johnson| Technical Recruiter
Panzer Solutions LLC
Direct: (203) -652-1444 Ext 115
Fax: 203-286-1457

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