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***** Please find below job description if you feel comfortable please
revert with updated resume, Rate and contact details ASAP *****

*Title          : Database Administrator (NoSQL / Oracle)*

*Location : Atlanta, GA *

*Duration : 12 months*

Database Administrator (NoSQL / Oracle)

The candidate for NoSQL Database Administrator will be expected to have a
broad knowledge of server and applications running in a distributed Linux

·         Extensive troubleshooting experience is required.  The engineer
will be part of the Tier 4 support team for the product.

·         Knowledge of the following is a must: Apache Web Server, Linux
OS, J2EE Platforms such as Weblogic, JBOSS, Tomcat or WebSphere.

·         Familiarity with Oracle and building Open Source applications
(such as Apache) will be required.

·         Expect Level Proficiency with NoSQL databases and Oracle (with
Oracle RAC, GoldenGate and DataGuard).

·         Virtual Machines (such as VMWare or KVM), cloud services, Agile
development.  Also RabbitMQ, Riak and knowledge of automation and
monitoring software such as Chef or Puppet and Nagios.

Hands on experience with the following:

·         Riak

·         Cassandra

·         Hadoop

·         MongoDB

·         CouchDB

·         HBase

·         Oracle RAC

Expert level experience with at least 1 of the following enterprise
programming languages

·         Java

·         Ruby

·         Python

·         .Net

·         Erlang

Experience with Enterprise Architectures

·         SOA

·         IaaS

·         PaaS

·         DBPaaS

·         DaaS (Data as a service)

·         SaaS (security as a service)

Experience with virtualization and self service provisioning

·         Cloud appliances

·         VCloud/VMware

·         OpenStack

·         Experience with analytics and tuning analytics for performance

·         BI search

·         Text analytics

·         Map reduce

·         Spatial

·         Hive

·         Pig

·         Familiarity with R programming/statistics

·         Pentaho

·         Datameer

Experience with Enterprise Cloud back-up and Recovery

Experience with distributed cache systems

·         EHCache

·         MemCache -- LibMemCache

·         VoltDB

·         Citrusleaf

·         TimesTen

·         Hazelcast

Experience with 3 toolsets for monitoring and managing NoSql products

·         RRDTool

·         Nagios

·         Scribe

·         Flume

·         Chukwa

·         OpenTSDB

Familiarity with transactions and data integrity

·         CAP

·         ACID

·         Distributed ACID

·         Optimistic Concurrency Control


·         Cross data center  replication

·         Geo-Replication

·         Oracle GoldenGate and DataGuard

Knowledge of Storage and File Systems

·         SAN

·         NFS

·         HDFS

·         CFS

·         CIFS

·         iSCSI

·         GlusterFS

·         Swift

·         Ceph

Cloud Security integration

·         Computer security

·         Network security

·         Informational security

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