<p>Dear Partners/Job Seekers<br> <br> We have a <b>Corp to Corp</b> opening for 
.NET Developer in Des Moines, IA, United States, if you have matching 
candidates please submit their profiles <a 
 here</a>. </p> <p>Candidates matching the requirements will be contacted. </p> 
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   <p><strong>Position: .NET Developer<br>Location:Des Moines, IA<br>Duration: 
9+ Months<br>Interview: Skype or In-Person<br>Rate: DOE<br></strong></p>
<p><br><br>These positions will be for UI Developer.  The successful candidate 
will work closely with small development groups working to consolidate 
&amp;upgrade existing applications to the latest in client server technologies. 
<p>The top four things to look for are <strong>5+ Years Experience</strong>: 
<li>ASP.NET MVC development experience (version 4 or higher) in C#</li>
<p>These candidates will be more focused on front end UI support - Please 
include more detail about the front end work and emphasize the following 
skills:  MVC (preferably version 5) - JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, KnockoutJS (Angular 
may be a substitute skill).   </p>
<p><br>The candidate will also be responsible for supporting legacy client 
server systems.  </p>
<p>The successful candidate will be able to work on multiple tasks and have the 
ability to react quickly to requirement changes in an agile environment. </p>
<p><br>The candidate will also be responsible for thorough system testing as 
well as working with a testing group. </p>
<p><br>*  Good communication and interpersonal skills.</p>
<p><br><br>If you are interested in this job position mentioned please respond 
with your resume in MS word format with these details.</p>
<p><br><br>Full Name:<br>Current Location:<br>Contact No (Cell and 
Landline):<br>Email ID:<br>Visa Status:<br>Availability:<br>Currently on 
Project (Y/N):<br>Open to relocate:<br>Total Exp:<br>US 
Exp:<br>SSN(Last4Digits):<br>Rate:<br>Last 2 Reference:<br></p>
<p><br><strong>Thanks &amp; Regards,<br><br>Shiva Kanth<br>Talent Acquisition 
Specialist<br>Sygna Technologies, Inc.<br>Email id: <a 
  </div>    <p><br> </p>Email or Submit resume <a 
 here</a><p><strong><br></strong> </p> <p><strong></strong></p>

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