Chint---Cordial Partner
We hope to put power and light into the world, because we are specialized electric-manufacturer.
Chint Group Corporation is a specialized electric-manufacturer which creates first-class electrical equipment and offers consummate service for cooperators.

Chint headquarter is located in Zhejiang province, China. The corporation was established in July, 1984. With the China policy of reforming and opening up to the outside we have been thriving. We developed from a home workshop to a large modern enterprise group which has 13,000 employees and get a turnover in 2001 of 6.17 billion yuan, moreover it has 6 specialized branches, more than 50 holding companies and over 800 cooperative enterprises in specialties. Nowadays Chint Group Corporation has become the largest one in the low voltage electrics business in accordance with its turnover and sales. It ranked fourth in the private enterprises of China. The trademark “CHINT” has been nominated as China well-known trademark by China National Industrial and Commercial Executive Administration Bureau.

We has established over 1,020 sale branches and appointed agents throughout China. Still international branches has been set up in North America, South America, West Europe, East Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia. Our sales network covers more than 30 countries and areas. Excellent and normalized sales channels assure the sales increase continuously.

Chint focuses on the low, middle and high voltage electric and power transmitting and distributing equipment relating to high-low voltage electric, power transmitting and distributing equipment, instruments and meters, communication equipment, auto electric and house electric. They include more than 100 series, 5,000 kinds and 20,000 specifications.

Chint has invested more than 500 million yuan and built a Chint high-tech industrial park with 240 thousands square meters and a Chint complete equipment industrial park. During the benign producing-selling cycle we continually imported advanced equipment and absorbed advanced technology. There are totally over 3,000 sets of productive equipment. Among them there are 20 sets of automatic productive line, 10 sets of automatic high-speed press machine, 150 sets of point-welding machine imported from France, 60 sets of automatic riveting machine, Swiss Milman wire-cutting machine, and EROWA pre-adjusting work site of international advanced productive equipment.

Chint considers quality as its own life. At the beginning from corporation establishment we had determined that we preferred losing hundreds of million yuan of turnover to allowing and delivering even one piece of unqualified product. We seriously promised the following: “ Keep quality guarantee, continually supply users all over the world with quality-reliable and performance-eminent products !”

Our payment has got a reward. In 2000, Chint Group obtained the titles of National Quality-Benefit Advanced Enterprise and National Quality-Admin Advanced Enterprise. We successively acquired the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Our products have partially got through certificating of CB, UL, CEBEC, KEMA, VDE and IMQ.

Chint’s electrical equipment has already been applied to a lot of fame projects in China including the biggest firepower one in Asia, Shanxi Yangcheng Power Plant, worldwide well-known Yangtse Rever Three Gorges Project, Peking Capital Airport, CCTV, Wuhan Steel Factory, Daqing Oil Refinery and etc.. In 2002, Chint Group and ENEL Company of Italy reached an agreement to supply double pole MCB with remote control release. It’s expectable that more and more international enterprises are going to negotiate with Chint.

Chint continues to progress, surpass, consummate and wins more and more friendship, trust and support. We refer it as a concept cooperating and developing and raising up together. We anticipate to cooperate with you. Hope us to make efforts together and transmit power and light to every city and village in the world.

Contact chint
Zhengtai Bldg., Liushi Industrial Zone, Wenzhou 325604, P.R.China
Contactor: Ms. Zhang Zhihuan
Website: http://www.chint.com

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