After number of American official statements :

'We do not know if Saddam Hussein is still alive',

Saddam decided to send a message to George W. Bush,

to let him know that he's still playing the game.

Bush opened the letter, and saw a coded message :

370HSSV 0773H

Bush did not understand and gave the message to Colin


Powell shook his head and sent the message to the CIA.

The CIA resigned after hours and asked the NSA and FBI

and ... even there impossible to decode the message.

So they decided to involve NASA , Berkeley and Harvard

University but all three resigned as well after some


In this impasse, the Americans asked the British MI-6

for support.

Captain George Archibald McMillan threw a glance at

the note and replied to Washington :

'Tell your President that he is holding the letter

upside down'

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