Bill, thanks.

> People were having trouble with DataSource.

That was probably me, on the server side. ;-)

> Instead of Datasource, try using InputStream or some
> other media type for the part.

DataSource is not a problem here if you use, eg, a
javax.activation.FileDataSource, as in the code snippet of my previous
post, which works fine.

> Also, there is a
> @org.jboss.resteasy.annotations.providers.multipart.PartType annotation
> that is used to specify the Content-Type of the marshalled Multipart
> map,

I used that annotation to make it work at all, but this annotation is,
of course, not dynamic, so if the client wants to upload files of
different media types, you cannot change that dynamically. Also, the
annotation is for the entire map and not per entry, so if you tried to
upload several files in one request, all the files would have to have
the same media type.


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