Someone  is trying to use RestEasy for comet like functionality on top of jboss 
as7 (https://community.jboss.org/thread/175171). I would go for the simmilar 
So the question is what is the status on RestEasy 2.3.0 and support of jbossweb 
7.0.7 (packed with as 7.1.0.CR1) implementation of servlet 3.0.

I have developed the non-REST solution, based on plain servlet 3.0 
AsyncContexts but now I see the benefit of REST usage in my case (exception 
mapping, REST polling).
I have tested/benchmarked  ~100k connections per server with 12Gb heap space. 
And solution is ok.
Shall I go for RestEasy or there are any obstacles I dont see yet?

Thank you in advance,

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