Hi all.

I tried to create a jax-ts application for JBoss 7.1cr1
As showed on 
I created a simple war module with one class like this:

@Path ("/kiosk")
public class KioskRestService {
    private KioskManager kiosk;

    @Path ("/devices")
    public String getDevices() {
        return "";

    @Path ("/dev/{id}")
    public String getDevice(@PathParam ("id") Integer id) {
        return "";

    @Path ("/dev/{mac}")
    @Produces ("application/json")
    public String addDevice(@PathParam ("mac") String mac, @QueryParam
("hwm") String hwModel, @QueryParam ("hwv") String hwVersion) {
        SessionID ticSessionID = SessionIdGenerator.generateId();
        final String DEBUG_STR = ticSessionID + ":addDevice: ";
        LOG.debug("{} start", DEBUG_STR);

        String ret = null;
        ret = kiosk.registerNewKiosk(mac, hwModel, hwVersion);
        LOG.trace("{} return {}", DEBUG_STR, ret);
        LOG.debug("{} stop", DEBUG_STR);
        return ret;

with a emply web.xml. Then the module was compiled and installed to
running jb7.1cr1 For test I invoked command:
curl -X PUT 'http://localhost:8080/km/kiosk/dev/test?hwm=a&hwv=1'

"km" is the module context.
The jboss wrote in logs:
01:15:37,996 DEBUG
(http-- Failed to determine servlet

In RESTeasy documentation on
was written  that
What I do wrong?

Denis Kostousov
email: denis.kostousovATgmailDOTcom
jabber: denis.kostousovATgmailDOTcom
fingerprint: 1FE3 ED00 AA62 AAA4 2737 DFA1 5E82 FDA1 82A9 E8C6

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