Hi guys,

I'm confused as to the recommended approach to deserializing non-standard JSON 
types. In my case there's a Long embedded in the JSON tree but I want to 
deserialize it to a JPA entity (based on using the Long as an id into the 

I have looked a variety of documentation, none seem very appealing. Here is my 
thought process:

1. The current Exception I get is "JsonMappingException: Can not construct 
instance of ..., problem: no suitable creator method found". I guess I could 
a constructor to my JPA entity that takes a Long , but I'd rather not have the 
entity itself accessing the EntityManager. I'd rather have an external DTO.

2. I can put @JsonSerialize on my JPA entity, and point it to a serializer 
class. But again I'd rather not tie my entity to its DTO.

3. I can use @Provider and a custom MessageBodyReader, but this appears to want 
to read the entire HTTP message, not just part of the JSON tree?

4. I can register a custom Jackson serializer as explained here 
http://wiki.fasterxml.com/JacksonHowToCustomSerializers. But to do that I'll 
need a custom 
ObjectMapper provider as explained here 
http://jersey.576304.n2.nabble.com/Customizing-ObjectMapper-td6234597.html And 
I'm very unsure what my 'new 
SimpleModule' should look like?

Can anyone help with a 'best practice' recommendation?



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