hello everyone,

I'm trying to port an application from JBAS6.x to JBAS7.x and I'm having
issues with RESTeasy.

Originally I have posted on JBoss Community forums, here:

Basically it seems that the pojo classes that I was using for @Consumes and
@Produces are not working for the Consumes. So If I try to do a POST with
an XML body it will not get marshalled to the correspounding java class.

The same classes works fine on JBAS6 using RESTeasy up to 2.2.x.

The only changes that I have done from JBAS6 to JBAS7 are adding an
Application class and modifing the web.xml file. All the rest of the code
is the same but I keep getting the error:

SEVERE [org.jboss.resteasy.core.SynchronousDispatcher]
(http-localhost.localdomain- Failed executing POST
/clientgame/action/bet: org.jboss.resteasy.spi.BadRequestException: Could
not find message body reader for type: class
org.pokernuvola.remote.holdem.tickets.BettingTicket of content type:

I think there should be something wrong in the configuration of the
application, or a way to force using a specific provider.

Does anyone has an idea about what could be the problem?

thanks in advance,
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