On 5/17/12 10:39 AM, Bill Burke wrote:
> If its all right with you, let's figure out exactly what you need and
> what bugs exist so that you don't have to do manual json.
> On 5/15/12 7:07 PM, Jim Stafford wrote:
>> fyi...I ended up removing all built-in JSON marshalling and replacing
>> with manual calls to Jettison for both demarshalling JSON inputs and
>> marshalling JSON outputs before it was all over. I ran into cases
>> where
>> a) it worked fine using Jetty in the unit test/Maven environment and
>> returned different formatted JSON when running deployed to JBoss 7
> This is probably because AS7 comes with both Jettison and Jackson.  The
> Resteasy documentation talks about what you must do to force Jettison usage.

If you're not using Jackson, you can remove module for it.  That may 
solve your problem.

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