We have an iOS application that is sending multipart/form-data requests.
Two of the strings in the payload don't contain a character set so by the
time it gets to my @POST method, the values are garbled up. I looked at the
input part to see what was going on. The charset is set to us-ascii. Is
there any way to read the raw data and decode it using utf-8?  For
example, formDataMap.get("lastName").get(0).getBodyAsString() ... how can I
achieve something similar but have it decode using utf-8 instead of
us-ascii? Ultimately, the iOS app should end up sending the correct charset
over, but that pretty much puts us at two weeks until this is "fixed" since
Apple takes about 2 weeks to approve our updates. I'm hoping there is
something I can do similar to what I did with regular form-url-encoded
requests where I used a servlet filter to force the character encoding to

Any help would be great!

<adrian />
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