I'm using JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final, the included RESTEasy distribution
(2.3.2.Final), and Jackson 1.9.9 to handle serialization/deserialization
to/from JSON.  I can serialize/deserialize JSON using @Produces/@Consumes
along with Jackson annotations in my REST resources and this all works
fine.  The problem I'm having is I'd like to start customizing some Jackson
behavior and register custom serializers/deserializers and can't quite get
this working.  This should involve getting access to the RESTEasy Jackson
ObjectMapper and running my customization code on that mapper.

After seeing something similar in a forum post, I tried this:

@Consumes({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, "text/json" })
@Produces({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON, "text/json" })
public class JacksonCustomizations extends ResteasyJacksonProvider {

    private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(
JacksonCustomizations.class );

    public JacksonCustomizations()

        log.info( "Beginning Jackson configuration..." );

        final ObjectMapper mapper = _mapperConfig.getConfiguredMapper();

        final Version version     = new Version( 0, 0, 1, null );
        final SimpleModule module = new SimpleModule( "Test Module",
version );

        //Add custom serializers
        module.addSerializer( LocalDate.class, new
JacksonLocalDate.Serializer() );

        //Add custom deserializers
        module.addDeserializer( LocalDate.class, new
JacksonLocalDate.Deserializer() );

        mapper.registerModule( module );

        log.info( "OK: Finished configuring Jackson" );

But this code doesn't seem to ever run.  I receive JSON back from my
application as normal, but I don't see any log entries and my custom
serializers/deserializers don't seem to be registered (@JsonSerialize(
using = JacksonLocalDate.Serializer.class seems to have no effect).

Is this a valid approach to solving this problem or should I be going about
it in an entirely different way?  If this is valid, does anyone have any
suggestions about what might be wrong with my implementation?  If not, has
anyone had success with a different approach?

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