When creating a resource (POST /items) i was a bit annoyed by the fact
that my implementation has a dependency on jax-rs classes: it uses
response builder to build a 201 response. This also pollutes my
service interface, since the return value has to be a Response.

To fix this, i introduced an annotation which gets handled by the
interceptor code below:
I'm using this interceptor-construction to hack the response and turn
it into a 201 with a Location header (leaving the entity like it is).

Now my service implementation class or interface has no dependencies
on jax-rs (it just returns a String, which will be used to replace the
{return} placeholder.
I'ld like to get some feedback on this trick. Is there anything
"built-in" that i could have used?

public class RespondWithStatusAndHeaderInterceptor implements
PostProcessInterceptor {

        @Context HttpServletRequest req;
        public void postProcess(ServerResponse arg0) {
                for (Annotation a : arg0.getAnnotations()) {
                        if (a.annotationType().equals(RespondWithStatus.class)){
                                RespondWithStatus x = (RespondWithStatus) a;
                                String template = x.value();
                                String rv =  arg0.getEntity().toString();
                                int u = template.indexOf("{return}");
                                int y = template.indexOf('?');
                                rv = (u < y || y == -1) ?
org.jboss.resteasy.util.Encode.encodePath(rv) :
                                String p = 
                                String rep = template.replace("{return}",rv);
                                if (!"".equals(x.name())) {
                                        arg0.getMetadata().add(x.name(), p+rep);
        public static @interface RespondWithStatus {
                int status();
                String name() default "";
                String value() default "";

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