Good afternoon staff ..

I have a question ... is there any way I can create an interceptor and 
starting him pass a parameter to the service end??

Basic example: ...

//Interceptor that has parameter entidadeConveniada want to go to the 
service in any way without retrieving the request ..

public class AutenticacaoEntidadeConveniadaInterceptor implements 
PreProcessInterceptor {

     public ServerResponse preProcess(HttpRequest request, 
ResourceMethod method) throws WebApplicationException {
         EntidadeConveniada entidadeConveniada = processaRequestServico();
         request.setAttribute("ENTIDADE", entidadeConveniada);
          return null;

//Class of service .. I want to recover some form parameter 
entidadeConveniada previously instantiated more without accessing the 
request, via the parameter own or via some annotation...

public class MockRequestAutenticacaoTokens {

     public String 
entidadeConveniada, @FormParam("parametro001") String parametro001) {
         return "Sucess";

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