Hi all,

I've submitted issue RESTEASY-772 but I've been told I should post my problem here instead, so here goes:

I have the following (dumbed down) interfaces:

public interface Root{
   @Path("sub") SubResource subResource();

public interface SubResource{
   @GET get();

This thing works properly on the server side: calls to root/sub/ are properly sent to the exposed SubResource implementation. However, this doesn't work with the client framework: the client instead sends the request to sub/. It seems like it ignores the @Path("root") on the root resource definition.

I've looked in the codebase and the SubResourceInvoker indeed doesn't have that information when building its uri. This is kind of a blocker for me since it means I can't use the same interface for the server and client. Is there a known way to make this work?
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