I have three questions

1) I want to see all the restful urls available when I start up EAP6 in the 
server.log file.  How do I configure standalone.xml logging to show the rest 
easy services that are exposed and their paths?

2) Should I upgrade to latest RESTeasy eventhough I am presently running EAP6 
unmodified to get the lastest and greatest?


I develop a registrar system for students to enroll into classes.  One of the 
war files is registrar-student.war.   I am trying to expose my first RESTeasy 
webservice.   I am running EAP6, which runs resteasy 2.3.3 .

I have an ejb that does code table lookups and I figured that is as good as 
place as any to start.

So, I put this class in the app

import javax.ws.rs.ApplicationPath;

import javax.ws.rs.core.Application;


public class RegistrarWebServicesApplication extends Application {

//public class RegistrarWebServicesApplication  {


I first tried adding the code below to the interface.  I got the below error.  
I added the same code directly to the ejb.  I got the same below error.


public class UncheckedCodeTablesBean implements SessionBean, 
UncheckedCodeTablesMethods {




    public ActionRolesData[] getActionRoles() throws SystemException {

Caused by: org.jboss.as.server.deployment.DeploymentUnitProcessingException: 
JBAS011234: JAX-RS resource edu.darden.regi

strar.session.unchecked.UncheckedCodeTablesBean does not correspond to a view 
on the EJB UncheckedCodeTables. @Path anno

tations can only be placed on classes or interfaces that represent a local, 
remote or no-interface view of an EJB.


What am I doing wrong?

Nick Skriloff , ME , MCP, SCJP
Information Technology Specialist
Darden Information Services
Voice 434 243 5025  Fax 434 243 2279

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