I am trying to get a multi-value input part working in my resteasy 
service.  On the inbound side, I'm expecting a multipart/formdata post, 
where an input part named "propertyName" may appear multiple times.  I 
need to read that in as a Collection of some sort.  Some sample code 
that may or may not be right:

public Feed queryFromPost(MultipartFormDataInput input) {
   String query = input.getFormDataPart("query",
         new GenericType<String>() { });
   Set<String> propNames = input.getFormDataPart("propertyName",
         new GenericType<Set<String>>() { });
   return doQuery(query, propNames);

I'm also using resteasy on the client-side.  Not sure how to submit the 
POST with multiple values.  Currently I have:

   String url = ...
   String query = ...
   Set<String> propertyNames = ...
   ClientRequest request = new ClientRequest(url);
   MultipartFormDataOutput formData = new MultipartFormDataOutput();
   formData.addFormData("query", query, MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN_TYPE);
   formData.addFormData("propertyName", propertyNames,
   request.body(MediaType.MULTIPART_FORM_DATA_TYPE, formData);
   ClientResponse<Feed> response =;

Clearly this isn't right.  Any thoughts on how this should be done?



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