I'm having an issue retrieving servlet parameters with a springmvc resteasy
setup using 2.3.5.Final. A class that I have no control over uses the
@Context to inject the ServletConfig so that it can look up an init-param.
When this class asks the injected context for the param an exception  is
thrown saying

org.jboss.resteasy.spi.LoggableFailure: Unable to find contextual data of
type: javax.servlet.ServletContext

Digging in a little further showed that its a proxy for the ServletContext
gets injected into the class; a
ContextParameterInjector$GenericDelegatingProxy specifically. When the
'getInitParameter' method is called on the proxy, it calls to the to the
ResteasyProviderFactory to retrieve the ServletContext. This context is
missing and so the above exception gets thrown.

>From what I can tell, it seems that the deploment gets configured
differently using springmvc-resteasy.xml than it otherwise might with the
plain ResteasyBootstrap. I'm thinking it boils down the the init method in
the ServletContainerDispatcher, if the app is bootstrapped outside of
spring it causes the following code to be run

lines 86...89
dispatcher.getDefaultContextObjects().put(Application.class, app);
               // push context data so we can inject it
               Map contextDataMap =

And this makes the ServletContext available via the provider factory and
subsequently for injection. When spring initializes the deployment the
other path is taken and this is not called.

I've condesed down my config into a simple maven based example to
illustrate. Hopefully someone can point me in a direction that will help
out here. I'm hoping there is some mechanism to configure resteasy via
spring that will allow access to the ServletConfig. Any pointers will be
very greatfully accepted. I'll happily provide any extra info that might be
required to help troubleshoot.

Thanks kindly,



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