Req: Request forwarding to another REST Server

I have to forward the incoming request to another server as per some condition 

In the preprocess Interceptor I am checking the method and the condition.
I am facing issue in how to forward the request in the preprocess.

Below is my view:
1) Get the http request/response and use dispatcher to forward the request
HttpServletRequest servletRequest = 
              HttpServletResponse servletResponse = 

  - But the "dispatcher.forward" is within the servlet context and forward to 
another server (running in different machine) may not work.
2) preprocess method returns ServerResponse
 - so dispatcher.forward may not work. As a null response from preprocess would 
continue the request process in the same server.  And a object (ServerResponse) 
would return the same to the client.

3) InternalDispatcher- This can be used if the Request is to be executed 
(forward() or invoke()) in the same Servlet Context (same Container).

4) The other way is to create a proxyClient (using ProxyFactory.create) and 
send the Request to the remote REST server. Receive the Response and send it to 
the client.

Are there any alternatives, suggestions. Is my understanding right. Could 
someone please help me in this.

Thank you.

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