I am trying to call a webservice method via a proxy but I have got an error
message that says: "Subresource for target class has no jax-rs
annotations.: org.jboss.resteasy.core.ServerResponse"

Here is my server class

public class AuthorizationRestService implements AuthorizationService  {

    public Response webserviceTest(){
    TestDTO  x = new TestDTO();
    Response res = Response.ok(x).build();
    return res;


with a an interface like this

public interface AuthorizationService {

    public Response webserviceTest();

and my return object wrapped in response

public class TestDTO {

    private String fieldOne;

    private String fieldTwo;

    public String getFieldOne() {
        return fieldOne;

    public void setFieldOne(String fieldOne) {
        this.fieldOne = fieldOne;

    public String getFieldTwo() {
        return fieldTwo;

    public void setFieldTwo(String fieldTwo) {
        this.fieldTwo = fieldTwo;


and finally my client class

public class AuthorizationCheckService {

    public void testWebservice(){
        AuthorizationService  proxy =
                        ApplicationConfig.WORKFLOWSERVER_URL +
        Response response =   proxy.webserviceTest();


what I am doing wrong here , any help will be appreciated.
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