We are using RestEasy 2.3.5.

I read thru a couple threads on the mailing list and trying to figure out if we 
need CORS support for our usage.   Just looking for some verification or 

We are exposing  a lot of our services thru resteasy and the expectation is 
that our resources will be called from mobile applications using Ajax to call 
the services.   We support calls for GET, PUT, POST and DELETE consuming and 
producing both json and xml.  Testing from the Chrome Advanced Rest Client 
works great but once we start trying to make jQuery (or other Javascript) AJAX 
calls from web pages, we run into problems.   We can start Chrome with the 
"-disable-web-security" command line parameter but I know that's not real 
solution.    To correctly support these remote ajax calls do we need to provide 
some type of CORS support?
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