Hi all,

First post here, so please feel free to redirect if appropriate.

I’m in the process of moving from Glassfish to WildFly (following Oracle’s 
recent announcement!) and am trying to understand the level of support for 
templating engines.

I found SeamRest, which looked interesting, but apparently development of 
SeamRest has been halted.  It wasn’t obvious whether this was a recent event, 
but the GitHub repo indicates a degree of staleness (2 years).  

The SeamFramework home page indicates that (whilst many projects are moving to 
DeltaSpike) SeamRest is / will be integrated with RESTEasy.

The RESTEasy documentation is somewhat silent on the issue of “templating”, and 
certainly there’s no mention of Velocity / Freemarker etc.

I’ve also had a cursory look through the RESTEasy Jira, but couldn’t find 
anything that looked like a placeholder for the migration effort from Seam.

So, I’m confused!  Where should I be looking for templating support in the 
WildFly ecosystem?  If it’s aspirational for RESTEasy, are there any current 
plans / timelines?  Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

Thanks in advance

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