I have a use case where the user is requesting jsonp encoding e.g. via custom 
media type or a .jsonw ending.

Anyway. I can intercept the call and surround with "jsonp();" successfully, but 
the returned
content-type needs to be changed to "application/javascript".

I could accept that as incoming type, but then RE is complaining about no 
matching MessageBodyWriter.

So I am thinking of using ContainerWriteFilter to re-write this, but the calls 
seem to be

MessageHandler method (@GET foo() {} )  (1)
ContainerWriteFilter   (2)
<message body writer> (3)
WriterInterceptor. (4)

So when I rewrite the content header in (2) a the mbw in (3) complains about 
wrong type and
in (4) I can not check if the desired content type is my custom one to request 
the wrapping or not.

So I would need to run a ContainerWriteFilter at (5) to rewrite the header 
*after* the interceptor has run.

In RHQ I solved that with a normal servlet filter, but it looks like this does 
not work here because
of Async processing (and rewriting the filter with an AsyncListener has its own 
issues )


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