I am using Resteasy 2.3.3, bundled with JBoss-AS-7.1.3.  I'm trying to
throw a new WebAppliationException, and the output (to the client) seems
fine, but I'm left with an unwanted stack trace in my log.  I have a few
other Exceptions mapped, and I was wondering if the mapping was somehow
causing an issue ­ trying to wrap this Exception.

Simple example:

public class SimpleService {

        public String getStuff(final @QueryParam("param1") String param1,
@QueryParam("param2") String param2) throws ActionException {
        if (param1==null && param2==null) {
                        throw new WebApplicationException();

I get the following exception: [WARN]
org.jboss.resteasy.core.SynchronousDispatcher#error - failed to execute:

Any ideas what this error might mean?

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