I currently have a resource that consumes "application/xml", but I'm moving to 
custom media types for versioning.  So, the issue happens in marshal/unmarshal 
as the root element is the same for both.  I have a messagebodyreader/writer to 
handle the custom media types in place, and it works well.  My concern is that 
I don't want my messagebodyreader/writer to consume/produce application/xml.

So, I let's say I have an endpoint defined as http://something.com/foo

it accepts application/xml and application/vnd.tom.foo+xml
When you use application/xml, you expect a "FooType"
When you use application/vnd.tom.foo+xml, you expect a "VersionedFooType"

Both are in the same namespace and both have the same root element <foo>.

IF you use application/vnd.tom.foo+xml, all is peachy.  We hit the 
messagebodyreader, it unmarshalls a VersionedFooType and life is good.

If, however, you use application/xml, we don't get into the messagebodyreader 
(as I really don't want EVERY call to have to hit this), and so what it 
unmarshalls is anybody's guess (quite often it's VersionedFooType rather than 
the previously used FooType.)

The solutions that have come to mind are 
1. Allow the MessageBodyReader to consume/produce application/xml, and then I 
can perform a check in the readFrom or writeTo on the *Type*.  If it's 
"FooType" and "application/xml" I can handle it here.  This feels a bit off to 
me as I'll have every resource going through this provider, and this edge case 
for a non-custom media type (not even sure this works, but it seems that it 
2. Change the root element of the VersionedFooType to be "<versionedFoo>" 
rather than "<foo>"

The real crime here might be the mixture of custom media types with non-custom 
media types, but it seems this is a natural progression if one was to move from 
a non-versioned API to a versioned one using custom media types.  Maybe I'm 
overlooking something really simple here, and I hope that's the case!

Thanks in advance!

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