Hi guys!

I have a client web application that uses the Client API to make REST calls
to a REST business layer.

The javax.ws.rs.client.Client docs clearly states that Client objects are
expensive to create and dispose, and only a small number of them should be
created, which makes me think they should be pooled somehow.

Our initial thought was to instantiate and then close every Client object
we use, making code like this:

public void doSomething() {
    Client client = ClientBuilder.newClient();
    //do a bunch of stuff here

Every method that needs to invoke REST services are coded like the example
above. That means every time a client web request comes in, a new Client
object is created and then closed. The exact opposite of what the docs
advises us to do.

How should we implement a pool of Client objects in this scenario? Is there
a common solution?

Rodrigo Uchoa.
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