After searching all over for info on this, I thought I would ask and see if
anyone has tried this and possibly succeeded with it....

I have a POJO I set up to be provided as XML or JSON depending on the
user's request.
Class looks something like this...

public class AAA {

As XML it comes back fine, with the outermost tags being <aaa>....</aaa>

However, when I add the @JsonRootName(value="aaa") at the same spot, I
don't end up with JSON along the lines of {"aaa": .... } or "aaa": {} --
there is simply no mention of the intended "root element" and I end up with
just { ... }

I've seen a couple possibilities for dealing with this:
- Jettison may deal with this annotation better than Jackson?
- It is possible to extend JacksonJsonProvider, overriding the
writeTo method, grab the mapper and set the SerializationFeature
 WRAP_ROOT_VALUE -- tried this, didn't have any joy

Maybe I should start with, is there some reason this doesn't work out of
the box like many other annotations do? Or perhaps I'm just using it wrong?

Thanks so much.
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