Hi Anthony,

I see that com.fasterxml.jackson.jaxrs.base.ProviderBase, from which 
org.jboss.resteasy.plugins.providers.jackson.ResteasyJackson2Provider is 
indirectly derived, has a method

      * Method called to locate {@link ObjectMapper} to use for 
      * and deserialization. If an instance has been explicitly defined by
      * {@link #setMapper} (or non-null instance passed in constructor), 
      * will be used.
      * If not, will try to locate it using standard JAX-RS
      * <code>ContextResolver</code> mechanism, if it has been properly 
      * to access it (by JAX-RS runtime).
      * Finally, if no mapper is found, will return a default unconfigured
      * {@link ObjectMapper} instance (one constructed with default 
      * and not modified in any way)
      * @param type Class of object being serialized or deserialized;
      *   not checked at this point, since it is assumed that unprocessable
      *   classes have been already weeded out,
      *   but will be passed to <code>ContextResolver</code> as is.
      * @param mediaType Declared media type for the instance to process:
      *   not used by this method,
      *   but will be passed to <code>ContextResolver</code> as is.
     public MAPPER locateMapper(Class<?> type, MediaType mediaType);

So, for example, you could try

          ResteasyJackson2Provider provider = new 
          ObjectMapper mapper = provider.locateMapper(Object.class, 

in a resource method. Does that work for you?


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