On 14.05.2015 03:38, Ron Sigal wrote:
> Very interesting. Honestly, I'm not sure how to think about this. The
> JAX-RS 1.1 spec says "An implementation MUST NOT invoke a method whose
> effective value of @Produces does not match the request Accept header.",
> but I don't see where it ever actually defines "match". And Resteasy
> passes the TCK tests. Really, I'm not even sure what "match" SHOULD
> mean. We could get crazy and do full blown unification
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unification_%28computer_science%29). Ugh.
> Resource matching is a very fundamental notion in JAX-RS, and I wouldn't
> want to make any changes without being very careful.
> Any thoughts about how to interpret "match"?

Certainly the decisive answer would be: in the same way as HTTP spec
does. But unfortunately, I can't find relevant spec part that explicitly
says that content type of 'type/subtype;key=value' matches Accept header
of 'type/subtype'. The examples in [1] suggests so, as does the practice
of browser 'Accept' header.

So, in my opinion, the


should be considered as matching the relevant client's



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