I am trying to compile the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)
for the third-party
software being used with one of our products.

This is to facilitate the export of the product outside US.

Could you help us in identifying whether the followingsoftware
currently has an ECCN number and the country of origin for the code.
Also could you help in identifying whether it contains any encryption
module that
causes it to use an ECCN number for export.

Resteasy Atom Provider
RESTEasy CDI integration module
Resteasy Guice
Resteasy Hibernate Validator Provider
Resteasy Jackson Provider
Resteasy Jackson Provider
RESTEasy JAX-RS Client/Server Testsuite
Resteasy JAXB Provider
Resteasy JBoss Modules
Resteasy Jettison Provider
Resteasy Multipart Provider
Resteasy Skeleton Key AS7 Modules
RESTEasy Skeleton Key Core
Resteasy YAML Provider

Any help with this would be great.
If this is not the right contact, please forward this mail to the
correct person.

Thanks and Regards,
Joice Joy
Company - Comverse

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