Hi everyone,

I work on Hawkular Metrics, which is a Wildfly 10 application.

Most of our JAX-RS handlers use the asynchronous response capability. In 
front of our endpoints, we have a filter dedicated to 
authentication/authorization checks in Openshift environments. Currently 
this filter makes blocking calls to Kubernete's master server, and we 
would like to make this asynchronous as well.

So I started by changing the filter code to start an AsyncContext 
(ServletRequest#startAsync()), but I get this exception from RestEasy:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: RESTEASY009510: Already suspended

It comes from #setupAsyncContext in 
Servlet3AsyncHttpRequest.Servlet3ExecutionContext: https://git.io/v2PUW

This code could be changed to reuse the asyncContext if 
ServletRequest#isAsyncStarted returns true. But I guess there is a 
reason not to that?


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