I’m having problems managing cookies in the Resteasy Client.  It seems like 
when a “Set-Cookie” is returned from a server, that there is no way to clear 
that cookie on a new request.  Essentially, it appears that the cookies are set 
on the client and not on the individual invocation (maybe via an Apache 
HttpContext?).  I want to take responsibility for managing cookies *completely* 
and do it per request.

I’ve tried playing with ClientRequestFilter, but the cookies don’t show up in 
the headers or the cookies there.  I’m looking at what I can override in the 
ApacheHttpClient4Engine, but it looks like there is no way to specify a context 
per request.

Does anyone have any ideas of other things I could try?  I’m at the point of 
having to drop down to Apache HttpClient directly for my calls, but I don’t 
want to as it’s nice using the JAX-RS Response.

Thanks for any help!

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