If I use RestEasy (client) to call a RestEasy server, and that server
throws an exception with a 304 status code (no other processing at this
point), RestEasy on the client seems to still attempt to buffer the entity
(in normal operation, this particular server method is supposed to return
an InputStream and is set to @Produces("application/octet-stream")).  Since
there's no entity, an NPE is thrown.

What's the right way to do this.... ?

- clear the media type
- set the InputStream to the entity anyway before throwing exception
- set an empty InputStream (again before throwing exception)
- use a ClientResponseFilter to - in the case of a 304 or other error
status - either
     - throw an exception
     - set the response to an empty input stream (or an error message)
     - use abortWith to create a different response
- not return a 304, do something else instead
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