The project is in Englewood.

The project will involve working in Englewood, Colorado or at least the

1.       Install and configure Standard MOSS 2007

2.       Experience with implementing a MOSS 2007 in a multi-server farm

3.       Experience in migrating collaboration tools like eRoom to MOSS

4.       Recommend improvements to the designed environment in terms of
topology, logical Architecture, security, integration, capacity planning

5.       Configure shared services providers

6.       Establish architectural and informational frameworks

7.       Provide operations and support Manual

8.       Deploy production environment

9.       Design and implement security to protect data for intranet and
extranet users

10.   Design and implement monitoring and performance software

11.   Design, configure and implement data backup and recovery

12.   Design, configure and provide audit procedures

13.   Configure reports such as site usage, user logins, track abnormal user
activity, and site access

14.   Microsoft certifications related to .NET and MOSS will be plus

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