Please let me know if he has any oppurtunities for him. He is available


*Professional Summary*

· Over 8 years of IT Experience as System Administration in Windows and
Solaris on SUN SPARC servers E250, E450, V440, V480 E420R, E4500, E6500,
E6800 workstations (Blade 60/100), Intel x-86 machines.

· Installation and administration of Solaris 8, 9 & 10 Operating System.

· Installation of Packages, Configuring and Administrating NIS, DNS, NFS,
SAMBA Servers.

· Configuration of Containers & Zones in Solaris 10.

· Automation of Jobs through Crontab.

· Web Hosting Administration FTP, Telnet, SSH.

· Configuring & administrating Solaris Volume Manager.

· Installation of Custom Jumpstart & Flash installation.

· Experienced in Performance tuning of Sun SPARC, E10K, RedHat Linux servers
using tools like iostat, top, prstat, vmstat etc.

· Extensive working knowledge in VCS,Veritas Volume Manager ( VxVM ) along
with Veritas File System ( VxFS ) for Disk Management ,Volume Management &
increased disk availability.

· Experience on NAS & NetApps.

· Experience with working in Production, Development and Testing environment

· Experience working for Large Data centers spanning more than 7000 servers
in 24X7 Production and On-Call Environments.

· Knowledge on Veritas Netbackup.

· Installation of Windows NT/2000 Operating System and configuring ADS.

· SUN Certified Solaris 9.0 System Administrator SA-I

*Technical Skills*
Hardware SUN SPARC Servers E250/E450, E420R, E4500, E6500, E6800, V440,
V490, V880 Workstations Blade 60/100,Compaq DL380, DL385, DL585, IBM LS20,
Hp BL20,ESX Guest.

Operating Systems Solaris 8, 9,10 Linux 2.0,3.5,4.0 Windows NT/2000

GUI VB 6.0, Veritas Volume Manager 4.0,VCS,VNB

Tools & Utilities
CuteFTP,Reflection,PC-XWARE,NAS,NetportPrinter,RemedyVer:4.5, ITSM7.0, BMC
Patrol, Team Quest, CYCLADE, RILO, ALOM / LOM

Storage EMC Symmetric, Clarion, RIO 1000

Backup Tools TSM, Legato

Network Services NFS, NIS, DNS, SAMBA

Best Regards,


Computer Experts Inc,

PH: 703-889-8323* 106

Fax: 805-435-1685


Website: www. ctexperts.net

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