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*Hi :Hope you are doing good.  Please review the below requirement & let me
have your updated resume if you are comfortable.  Please reply me ASAP as
its an urgent requirement.*

*Please reply to** [EMAIL PROTECTED]


***Role:Data and Integration Java Engineer Lead
Location: Beaverton, OR
Length: 1 Year***

Need number of years of experience you have in what they are looking for

Java Engineer Lead
Java programming



J2EE application servers



Service Oriented Architecture

Web services





Design, development, test, and support of enterprise integration patterns
and real-time messaging


Agile methodologies

Design and development of enterprise integration

*Summary of the job: *
Design, develop, deploy, and support enterprise integration. Scope will
include creation of new integration as well as the modernization of existing
integration, help create and implement strategic data and integration vision
and lead other data and integration engineers.
Development will center on requiring strong expertise in Java programming
and knowledge of web services, JMS, and integration tools such Suns JCAPS.

*Technical skills: *
Senior-level skills in Java programming, JMS and JDBC are critical, at least
three years of proven hands-on experience.
Strong background working with J2EE application servers, EJBs, MDBs, etc
Very strong knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture and web services:
Strong proficiency using Oracle and UNIX OS
Demonstrated experience in the design, development, test, and support of
enterprise integration patterns and real-time messaging
Demonstrated experience in strategic integration design of complex systems.
Experience working with integration tools including eGate, ICAN and JCAPS is
a plus
Experience working with Agile methodologies is desirable
Demonstrate proficiency in all of the above at a Senior level

*Functional background: *
Direct involvement in the design and development of enterprise integration
Involvement with the test and support of integration technologies, tools,
and production code
Direct involvement in the reverse engineering and modernization of existing
Participate in analysis and data modeling activities that drive integration

At a Senior level, provide all above plus the mentoring of other technical
staff, assists with methods and process definition, and provide expertise
with technical/troubleshooting issues
General abilities needed: *
Highly motivated with a proactive approach to problem-solving
Demonstrated leadership capability , strong ability to lead others and
contribute at a team level .
Ability to identify solutions and work independently with somewhat nebulous
Excellent interpersonal skills including strong verbal and written
communication skills
Flexible and adaptable to changing roles and various levels of
Ability to work independently and cooperatively in a diverse group
Ability to network, influence, and utilize internal and external resources
Ability to exercise high degree of professionalism
Educational Background: *
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or the
equivalent experience
Technical training with J2EE, integration technologies and toolsets



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