Hello Friends,

Send me the suitable profiles to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for the below mentioned
requirement ASAP.

Role: Solaris Administrator

Location:  Columbia, MO

Part-time position (possibly remote after initial setup)

Duration:  1 year

Looking for a Solaris System Administrator to provide support for their
aging Solaris boxes.  This is not a full-time gig but would be one year's
worth of support/maintenance (maybe a year and a half).    Specifically,
they are looking for someone to provide support for break-fixes, planned
upgrades, patching and security – this can be done remotely.  They are
looking for someone to provide 24x7 support that can wear a pager and be
"on-call".   We will probably need them to be on-site (in Columbia) at
first, to get acclimated to the system.  There are approximately 25 Solaris
boxes that support PeopleSoft applications.   The plan is to keep these
boxes up for another year and migrate them to a new platform.

*Required Skill set:*

Solaris v 9 (v10 is the current version and v 11 is almost out – so they are
a little behind)

Oracle v 9i (someone with v10 would be ok)

Thanks & Regards...
Srinivas K | iNEK Technologies, LLC |
Phone: 913-712-9045 Fax: 913-273-1065
Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] | 9200 Indian Creek Pkwy.
Bldg. 9, Ste #187, Overland Park, KS 66210.
www.inekinfo.com. Yahoo IM: sriniinekinfo

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