Dear All ,

*Note : Give me one good Matching profile to get assured Closure ...*

This is the Direct Client Req and got it from our Project Manager , who is
working in Client place thru Javaji ....

Give me one good matching profile i can get him on board by coming Monday...
For this Position will have WebCam Interview , so we need your consultant's
scaned photo copy and Yahoo -mail id ...


JCAPS with Monk Development Exp .

   1. e*Gate SRE Arch.
   2. Monk Knowledge (Key requirement)
   3. JCAPS (Key Requirement)
   4. SAP Integration (especially around IDOC's, BAPI etc.). As we discussed
   the other day, when the customer talks about IDOC's they are talking about
   the SAP message structure and not the transport protocol)
   5. Communication skills

Rate : $45/hr Only ( Not Neg at any cost on rate part ...)
Location : Beaverton - OR
Duration : 9 + Months
Client : Direct Client
Start date : Immediate.
Shortlisting Manager : [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks and Regards

Sr Resource Manager
Javaji System Solutions Inc
703 953 1033


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