Duration:6 months Location:

Redwood City, CA*

*Must have minimum 10years of experiance*

Must have good communication skills

SQL Server DBA to help manage their analytics database- Capacity Planning-

This is stricltly an administrative roll- Someone who can manage SQL servers
in terms of capacity.

They must deal with some Bad Practices that are in place and out of date HW-

Familiar with networking and configuration and how it impacts the SQL server

Must have understanding of SQL server internals and memory and files.

They will get new equipment in the next few months and once this is in place
the roll will go into maintenance mode


*Vijay K Paidi*
*|| Phone: 916 978 1057 Ext 304  || Direct: 916 978 1051 || Efax: 603 719
0999 || Email:* [EMAIL PROTECTED] *|| Website:* www.vibhainc.com *||*

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