Network and Security Consultant ================================ • Worked On
Cisco GSS , CSS , Cisco 6500 FWSM, Cisco ACE. • Experience in designing
highly available customized turnkey solutions for E-Commerce companies. •
Management and support of SUN environments including software and hardware
upgrades, patch management. • Applying technical policies and standards to
systems supported • Web Servers and Data base servers hardening • Tipping
Point IPS Implementation • Log Monitoring tools • Accelerator Card
Implementation • VA/PT – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test.
Mandatory Skills : (Atleast couple in each area) • Internetworking
Equipment: Cisco, Nortel Networks. • Network Operating Systems: Sun
Solaris/SunOS, HP Unix. • Network Management: Cisco Works, HP Openview, Big
Brother, MRTG. • Security: Cisco PIX, TIS Firewall Toolkit, Raptor Eagle
Firewall, Linux Firewall, SOCKS5/eBorder, Encryption Solutions (PKIs, PGP,
SSH, SSL, dedicated Encryption Devices, among others), Authentication
Products (SecurID, Radius/AAA, Kerberos). • Security and Network Tools: ISS
Network ICE, Recourse (now Symantec) ManHunt IDS, Recourse (now Symantec)
ManTrap. Web / eCommerce eCommerce Enterprise IT Infrastructure. Web

Rate : $35/hr Only (Not Neg  )

Thanks and Regards

Sr Resource Manager
Javaji System Solutions Inc
703 953 1033

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