Description   Responsible for the design, development, coding, testing,
debugging and documentation of applications to satisfy the requirements of
one or more user areas. May include hands-on new development as well as
support, maintenance or enhancement of existing applications. Works closely
with client management to identify and specify complex business requirements
and processes. Researches and evaluates alternative solutions and makes
*Either skills or additional skills are required Skills: Category Name
Required Importance Level Last Used Experience
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Additional Skills: The candidate should have (1) at least 2 years of NDM
experience, (2) at least 2 years of vb scripting experience, (3) at least 3
years Visual Basic programming experience, (4) 3 - 5 years software
development experience, (5) Wintel development experience, (6) strong
communication skills, (7) good writing skills, (8) and be a self-starter.
Roles and Responsibilities: This person will enhance existing NDM jobs and
develop new ones to support new GSA and Commercial PNET3 clients, new Legacy
clients and, possibly new internal applications clients. In addition, this
person will work on addressing a disaster/recovery risks around NDM,
specifically, copying existing jobs that exist in one data center and making
the necessary changes that will allow them to work in the 2nd Salt Lake City
data center. In addition to the NDM work, this person must have Visual Basic
programming skills so that he or she can assist in the automation of NOC
Visual Basic executables (providing parameter driven processes so that the
control-m engineers can automate/schedule processes and gui interfaces are
not required).
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