*10 Positions :::*

* *

*Graphic Software Engineer*

*Location-HIllsboro**, OR***

* *

*5+ years of experience in graphics driver and related software development
for a 12 month project.***

*Experience with any combination of the following:*


Video BIOS


embedded operating system


Larrabee graphics driver development – Needed to
support current and next generation software/drivers

Work with other developers in writing and testing driver
software primarily targeting Vista operating

• Strong C/C++ skills

• Driver performance optimization

- FreeBSD experience

*For performance, I'm looking for:***

a)     Knowledge (experience) with x86 assembly

b)    Usage of performance optimization tools (Vtune/gprof)

c)     Experience doing performance optimization/tuning in software (drivers
a plus)

*For the shader compiler side:***

a)     Experience witing optimizing compilers (the optimizing part may be
hard to find).  Obviously "shader compiler" would be ideal, but compilers in
general should have a similar skill set.  If their experience lists
"compiler backend", that would be great.

b)    Experience writing high-performance compilers - the speed of the
compiler istelf is almost as critical as the speed of the generated code

c)     If someone has Just-in-time (JIT) compiler as an experience, that's
perhaps even more closely related to what we're trying to accomplish with
the shader compiler.



*Vijay K Paidi*
*|| Phone: 916 978 1057 Ext 304  || Direct: 916 978 1051 || Efax: 603 719
0999 || Email:* [EMAIL PROTECTED] *|| Website:* www.vibhainc.com *||*

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